emc2.0 Electronic Music Creation in Linux

What's up now

The Alien Machine Band is the project I'm currently working on. It's a band completely integrated by virtual singers: male and female voices, programmed with a particular approach: they shouldn't sound neither very human-like nor too much machine-like, they should rather share the best of both worlds. Another premise is that software for making voices must be open-source, and that's why I'm using espeak, a multi-lingual software speech synthesizer, that speaks texts you write. The cool thing here is that Alien Machine Band takes one step ahead and manipulates these synthesized sound files in a variety of ways to simulate 'singing' voices. I'll be posting these findings (on a more technical side) when results reach a level that may be useful to you; in the meanwhile you can listen to tracks labelled "Alien Machine Band -Track name" within the original track list, to appreciate how things are going. There are good reasons for you to forget that there is a machine behind these voices, but who cares, if you have fun.

What you need to be here

Most original tracks are in .ogg format, as well as many examples included in tutorials. Ogg files are quite similar to MP3, but they load fast and can be played directly by your browser with HTML5 sintax, without having to use an external media player. That's the future, so do not blame me for doing things right. This means that if you want to enjoy this content, you should use a decent browser like Firefox.

Original tracks

These are tracks I did using Linux software. Some are cool, others are drafts. They may encourage to you to make your own. They are all in the public domain.

This means that you can steal (yes), modify, enhance, use in your mixes, play, transmit, broadcast or send by any means invented or to be developed in the future (including but not limited to teleportation), etc, my work. Be nice and mention this site.


While I don't believe in copyrights, (see above) I do respect yours. So, if you find disturbing the idea that I'll be tampering with your song/track/whatheveryoudid, please drop me a line to info@emc20.com.ar and I'll kick you off far from this universe.


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